Cheongdo Gun Council

Message from Chairman

Leading county of Cheongdo opened council activities

Hello, I'm Kim Hyotae, chairman
of the Cheongdo Gun Council.

Determined to meet residents expectations, the 9th Cheongdo County Council has finally opened aiming to “Make proud and hopeful residents of Cheongdo the true owners of the county and build a happy and harmonious Cheongdo”.

In order to be an open and communicative council, a council with expertise, an effective council that maintain checks and balances and productive council that offers visions and suggestions, we are constantly striving to create positive changes and innovation.

We will always pay attention to even the smallest voices in the community and carry out our legislative work and budget reviews with integrity. Reaching out to and hearing out the residents, we will always be a reliable and energetic council for the people.

We will try our utmost to improve the regional economy, take care of those who are neglected and underprivileged so that we could put a smile on each and every resident’s face.

We would like to ask for your continued support and interest towards Cheongdo County Council and we wish you and your family good health and happiness.

Thank you.

chairman of the 8th Cheongdo-gun Council, Kim Hyotae