Cheongdo Gun Council

Message from Chairman

Park Ki-ho, of the Cheongdo Gun Council
Leading county of Cheongdo opened council activities

Hello, I'm Park Ki-ho, chairman
of the Cheongdo Gun Council.

Dear Cheongdo-gun residents!
This is the chairman of the 8th Cheongdo-gun Council, Park Ki-ho.

Thank you for visiting Cheongdo-gun homepage, an online communication space that represents the will of Cheongdo people.

The 8th Cheongdo-gun Council has launched with new resolution on July 2018 among hopes and expectations of residents.

7members of Cheongdo-gun Council will always work near you, listening to the voices of actual fields and mutually cooperating to be an open council.

We ask for your keen interests and support so that we can work wholeheartedly for the development of Cheongdo and the happiness of its people.

chairman of the 8th Cheongdo-gun Council, Park Ki-ho