Cheongdo Gun Council

Message from Chairman

Leading county of Cheongdo opened council activities

Hello, I'm Kim Su-tae, chairman
of the Cheongdo Gun Council.

Dear Cheongdo-gun residents!
This is the chairman of the 8th Cheongdo-gun Council,Kim Su-tae.

Hello, I am Soo-tae Kim. the chair of Cheongdo County Council.

In order to fulfill the expectations and desire of the citizens, the 8th Cheongdo County Council started its activities with one goal in mind - “Make the citizens of Cheongdo the proud owners of Cheongdo and help them build a happy and unified Cheongdo.”

Through changes and innovation, we are going to make an open council that communications with the citizens, a council that maintains checks and balances on the executive body of the county administration and a productive council that provides vision and solutions.

By paying attention to even the smallest voices of the citizens and by reaching out to the citizens in their places of livelihood, we will carry out our council activities such as legislative work and budget reviews in the way that is beneficial and relevant to the citizens.

We will try our best to strengthen the economy and reach out to the neglected and disadvantaged groups so that the county is filled with happy smiles.

We ask for your continued interest and support and we wish you and your family good health and happiness.

Thank you.

chairman of the 8th Cheongdo-gun Council, Kim Su-tae