Cheongdo Gun Council

Civil petition/appeal guide

The county people may hold rights to express their opinions and hopes to the Council, as well as to appeal to the Council to seek redemption for rights and benefits as allegedly infringed upon.

When Filing Petitions to the Council

The petitioner should secure the introduction by one or more councilmen (submitting relevant councilmen's opinions), and then submit his petition. The petition should feature the petitioner's name (in the case of an corporation, its name and its representative's name), address, signature and seal. The petitioner should specify the petition purpose and reason, and may attach necessary data.

The following petitions shall not be accepted

  • A petition intended to defile government agencies.
  • A petition that was filed twice or more to a same agency, or was filed to two or more gencies.
  • A petition that violates laws and regulations.

Items to Be Listed in Petition Introduction Letter

Petition case name, petitioner's address, name, and citizen registration number, related councilmen, their signature and seal, introduction date, and opinions.

Procedures of Handling Petitions

  • Matters that can be handled and settled by the Council
  • Matters that can be handled and settled by the head of relevant local government unit